As there are many opportunities for our teens to be involved, there are many parent roles to be filled, too. Parents, we invite you to…

o VOLUNTEER in our youth ministry. There are MANY opportunities, times, tasks: volunteering as a small group leader, help with fundraisers, be a chaperone for one of the social events, help w/session set-up/clean-up, be tech help with audio-visual & multimedia presentations, help video sessions/events and lots more!

o PRAY… Pray for your teen. Pray with your teen. Pray for all the adult leaders and staff who teach, lead and spend time sharing the Word of God with our young people.

o PARTICIPATE IN THE LITURGICAL & SACRAMENTAL LIFE of our church. Go to church weekly/regularly.

o SHARE YOUR OWN FAITH STORIES with your teen. Share why your faith is important to you. Talk about the joys as well as your struggles and doubts in your efforts to live out your Christian faith. Can they see in your life the joy and freedom that your faith gives you?

o ENCOURAGE YOUR TEEN to honestly examine their faith, to seek and listen for God’s will in all areas of their life through regular prayer, reflection and time with Scripture.

Let us pray together for this wonderful ministry in our church and in particular for the young people in our church.

In Christ,

Kory Chesser
Director of Youth Ministry